4th of July Containers

July 04, 2017

Hey everyone! I put together some last minute containers to make our house a little more festive for the 4th, but really, I just wanted to wish you all a super fun, relaxing, and safe day! šŸ˜ƒšŸ’™ ~Laura

Blue Container:

AngelfaceĀ® Super White Angelonia - https://goo.gl/fsCKKR

Blue My MindĀ® Evolvulus - https://goo.gl/ucwZZw

SuperbenaĀ® Royale Red - https://goo.gl/qdVoSY

LusciousĀ® Royale PiƱa Colada Lantana - https://goo.gl/i4t5VY

SupertuniaĀ® Really Red - https://goo.gl/KiwAFX

SuperbellsĀ® Over Easyā„¢ - https://goo.gl/Ttmkam

VermillionaireĀ® Large Firecracker Plant Cuphea - https://goo.gl/mdaWzN

Red Container:

Rockin'ā„¢ Playin' the BluesĀ® Salvia - https://goo.gl/CYFbKP

SuperbenaĀ® Royale Chambray - https://goo.gl/Muqba9

SuperbellsĀ® Over Easyā„¢ - https://goo.gl/Ttmkam

Silver Fallsā„¢ Dichondra - https://goo.gl/A4Uwta

VermillionaireĀ® Large Firecracker Plant Cuphea - https://goo.gl/mdaWzN

Diamond FrostĀ® Euphorbia - https://goo.gl/gKk76v

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