Antique Dough Bowl Turned Succulent Planter

Video Transcript

Okay, guys. I'm going to show you another succulent planter today. It's actually kind of funny because Aaron and I were talking about how many planter videos we've been doing lately, especially with succulents, and we thought we should lay off them for a bit, but people keep bringing me cool stuff to plant, so here we go.

Can you hear the crickets in the background that you're going nuts right now? It's only like four o'clock so check out this wood Bowl. A customer actually brought this in to me; it's an antique hand-carved dough Bowl. They used to mix dough in it, and it is so cool. She wanted it lined and then planted up with some succulents and also with some color, so I'm going to use some moss roses in this arrangement too so it can have some really fun bright summer color.

I'm just going to line it with a piece of plastic and use cactus soil to fill it up. These are always really interesting videos for me to do because I never really know how they're going to take shape. It took two days to get it done, and this is what happens when you work a full-time job during the day and then you try to do these things on your off time, so it just kind of stretches out a little bit. We wanted to show you a little bit more of the process behind one of the videos. Sometimes they don't happen super fast, sometimes they do, but they're fun either way, so thanks for sticking with us, and we will see you guys in the next video.

January 09, 2024