Bulb Giveaway!

October 19, 2020

Hey guys! Here is the list of the bulbs being given away courtesy of https://www.flowerbulbs.com ! There will be 5 winners! To enter, comment with the blend you would most like to win! Remember that we are only picking winner’s from the comment section under this video on YouTube, not from any other platform! I wish you all the best of luck! 😊 ~Laura

100 Deep Sunset Tulip Blend:

20 Tulip Queen of Night

20 Tulip Orange Emperor

20 Tulip Orange Cassini

20 Tulip Olympic Flame

20 Tulip Negrita


100 Come As You Are Narcissus Blend:

20 Narcissus Yellow Cheerful

20 Narcissus Hillstar

20 Narcissus Pueblo

20 Narcissus Goose Green

20 Narcissus Tripartite


250 Crocus Blend:

50 Crocus Blue

50 Crocus Striped

100 Crocus White

50 Crocus Yellow


50 Hyacinth Mixed:

10 Hyacinth Dark Blue

10 Hyacinth Dark Pink

10 Hyacinth Red

10 Hyacinth White

10 Hyacinth Yellow


100 Tulip Triple Double Late Mix:

25 Tulip Orange Princess

25 Tulip Black Hero

50 Tulip Aveyron


Proven Winners - https://www.provenwinners.com/

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Gardener's Supply Company - https://www.gardeners.com/

FELCO - https://www.felco.com/

Bonide - https://www.bonide.com/

Gorilla Ladders - https://gorillaladders.com/

Gorilla Carts - https://gorillacarts.com/


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