DIY Paint Can Planter/Vase

March 01, 2017

I love this idea for an inexpensive, but upscale-looking container! You wouldn't even need to buy a paint can, you could use a coffee can, or soup can, or anything that has straight-sides, and go nuts with contact paper! there are so many neat designs out there, although I think marble is my favorite (at the moment). If you try this project out at home, please post a picture on FB or Instagram and tag me so I can see it! :) Thanks for watching! ~Laura

Espoma Organic Cactus Mix -

Quart Paint Can -

Spray Paint (white) -

Spray Paint (brown) -

Marble Contact Paper (roll) -

Marble Contact Paper (sample size- will make 2-quart sized planters) - http


Woodgrain Contact Paper (roll) -

Succulent and/or fresh cut flowers of your choice! -

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