DIY Succulent Birdhouse

January 12, 2018


Natural Wood Craft Birdhouses - available in store at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store

Sphagnum Moss -

Forest Moss -

Minwax Wood Stain (color: Early American) -

Acrylic Paint: Coral -

Acrylic Craft Paint: Purple -

Small Paint Brush -

Clear tacky Gel Glue -

Succulent Cuttings: Leaf and Clay -

Succulent Cuttings: The Succulent Source -


Will hot glue hurt the succulents? Nope! All you need is a little dab of hot glue at the end of the stem, and the succulent will still form roots out of nodes higher up on the stem and will eventually send roots out of the base of the stem, right through the glue! (Nodes are the point where a leaf meets the stem.) Just make sure to nest the cutting far enough into the sphagnum moss so that one or two nodes make contact with the moss.

Will Tacky Gel Glue hurt the succulents? Not at all. This is a cool glue and takes much longer to dry, so I typically only use this type on succulents that are fixed to more flat areas where they can’t easily fall off the arrangement.

Is it okay to plant the succulents so close together? Yes! In fact, their growth rate decreases dramatically when planted in close quarters, so they will stay happy for quite a long time planted together like this!

How long does this arrangement last? An arrangement like this typically lasts about a year without having to do any major re-potting. Since they are all cuttings, they will spend their first 2-3 months just focusing the energy on forming new roots, once the roots form it takes them another few months to establish, and then only after that will they start putting on new growth. I usually have to perform just routine maintenance (i.e. watering, grooming) to keep it looking good!

How do you water this? I water succulents in moss more often than succulents in soil. So, while I would water normal potted succulents about every 10-14 days, I’ll check the arrangements in moss twice as often, just making sure the moss doesn’t completely dry out. I water with a large syringe or a spray bottle- directing the watering tip right toward the moss. The plastic liner keeps the roof safe from any water damage.

Where can I put this? I would recommend an arrangement like this be kept inside. With little water reserves to draw from, they are easier to keep hydrated inside, not to mention not having to deal with any outdoor weather (extreme temps, wind, too much sun, etc.). I put mine in a west or south facing window, making sure to rotate it every once in awhile so that the succulents get even light on all sides.


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