Forcing Branches

February 23, 2017

Forcing branches for some late winter color is so easy, and it's the perfect thing to do after a long, cold winter full of gray days. Seeing big bunches of blooms gives me hope and the promise of spring! A definite mood-lifter. Nothing could be easier than running outside, cutting a few branches, and then dropping them in some water mixed with floral preservative. Change the water once a week, and in 1-3 weeks you'll be enjoying a wonderful, spring-y show! You'll love it!

Floral Preservative -

Varieties that are great for forcing: almond, apricot, cherry, dogwood, eastern redbud, forsythia, fothergilla, lilacs, magnolia (early-blooming varieties such as magnolia soulangeana, magnolia stellata, and magnolia kobus), maple, pear, quince, serviceberry, and witch hazel.

For catkins: birch, corylus, willow.

Plant these varieties in your garden this year, so you can cut branches next winter to force!

Bloomerang® Purple Reblooming Lilac -

Show Off® Forsythia -

Double Take Pink™ Quince -

Arctic Fire® Red-Osier Dogwood -

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