Grass Maintenance: What We Fertilize With & How Often!

June 17, 2020

***Quick note about Gypsum! In the video I said that gypsum lowers the pH of the soil. It doesn’t. 😉 It does, however, simulate the same benefits (for us, with our soil type) that lowering the pH does. When you have high alkaline soil (high pH) it binds up nutrients in your soil. So while there may be nutrients like iron, for example, in your soil, it is bound up by the alkalinity and can't be used by your plants. When you add gypsum to the soil it helps condition the soil and unlock those nutrients, making them available to your plants, which is one of the benefits of lowering the pH. So while gypsum doesn’t technically lower the pH, it provides some of the same benefits of doing so. There may be many of you who will never have to worry about adding gypsum to your soil. A soil analysis should be performed before determining whether or not you should add it, but if you happen to live in my area, go for it. It helps a ton! 😊 ~Laura

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