Herb Fairy Garden

June 05, 2016

Putting together a fairy garden made with only herbs. Watch it come together!

Click here for more fairy gardens: https://bit.ly/2oFACCr

Fairy Garden Supplies from https://www.myfairygardens.com

Little Girl - https://www.myfairygardens.com/product/kaylee/

Glow Flowers - https://www.myfairygardens.com/product/glow-flowers-set-of-3/

Here's a list of the herbs I used in order:

'Ajaka' Fairytale Basil

'Wild Magic' Fairytale Basil

'Ajaka' Fairytale Basil

'Red Ball' Fairytale Basil

Yerba Buena

'Ella Dwarf' Dill

3- 'Elfin' Thyme

Yerba Beuna

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