How I Dig & Store My Dahlias!

November 10, 2021

How I Dig & Store My Dahlias! 🌸🌿👍

1. Wait until after first killing frost.

2. Cut back foliage, leave a 4-6” stalk just to make pulling them a bit easier. (*At this point, if the weather is going to remain steady and you won’t have temps that dip below the light frost level, you can cut the stalks back and leave them in the ground for a week or two. This will help the tubers form better more pronounced eyes if you are planning to divide them in the fall.)

3. Use a digging fork, away from the base of the plant, to gently lift the clump. Resist pulling. Tubers are super fragile.


5 Rinse and lay out to dry. If most of the soil falls away and there isn’t excess moisture present, you can skip the rinsing step. Do inspect each clump, remove any damaged, pierced, tubers and cut main stem down.

6. If you did rinse, lay them out to dry in a spot where they won’t freeze. It takes give or take 24 hours depending on your climate.

7. Packing. Lots of methods and mediums. Use a containers that’s breathable- cardboard box, milk crate, bulb crate. Wrap them in newspaper, peat moss, wood chips, vermiculite.

8. Store in a spot that stays consistently between 40-55 degrees. Not too warm to dry them out and not to cold that they’ll freeze.

9. Check on them once a month through winter.

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2:49 #1 “Wait until after a killing frost”

2:54 #2 “Cut back leaves and stalks to 4-6"”

3:55 #3 “Lift with a digging fork”

7:12 #4 “Label”

9:12 #5 “Clean the dirt off”

12:00 #6 “Let them dry for 24 hours”

14:18 #7 “Pack them up in vermiculite”

17:13 #8 “Store them at 40 - 55 degrees”

17:50 #9 “Check on them once a month”