How to Make a Succulent Wreath

June 24, 2014

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Thanks for watching the video! Here is what I used to make this succulent wreath:

- 16" Wreath Form w/ back,

- 1 burlap bag,

- 17"x17" piece of coco fiber,

- Sharp scissors,

- Hot glue gun,

- Cactus soil,

- Several succulents (about 50- mix of small and large).

- Optional: Wreath hanger, greening pins (to hold succulents in place),

- Moss (to cover areas of burlap that you can still see).

Plant wreath per instructions in video then lay flat to water in- keep wreath on a flat surface for 1-2 weeks so succulents have time to root in and won't fall out when you hang it up. Take wreath down and lay flat to water for good water coverage. Fertilize every 6 weeks with a cactus/succulent fertilizer.