How to Make an Indoor Water Garden

Video Transcript

Hey guys, how's it going today? I'm putting together an indoor water garden. That's what we do this time of year in January when we just got fresh snow outside. So, we turn our attention to indoor house plant projects.

I don't have a ton of experience with indoor water plants, so if you do, I would love to hear your experience and some of the things that you've learned. Leave comments down below so we can all learn from you guys. I have kept a plant alive in a jar full of water for the past three years, in fact, it's sitting right here.

So, I'm gonna share with you guys what I've done to keep that plant alive. I'll show you how I plant them in the container, what I use, and some little tips I've picked up along the way.

The first thing you need to do is gather your supplies. You can use any clear glass container that will hold water. I had all of these containers already, except for this big tall one I recently picked up. You can use mason jars, flower vases, or whatever you have.

Then, you need to get your plants. You can find these water plants at some garden centers or most pet stores. They're really inexpensive.

The other thing you're going to need is something to put your plants in to weigh them down, a planting medium. There's a lot of talk out there on what you should be using for this project. I just use the aquatic gravel, but some people like to use a mix of gravel and sharp sand, and some use horticultural charcoal to keep the water fresh. Lastly, there are aquatic plant food tablets and sludge destroyer for maintenance.

Before I get into the educational side of the water plants, let me put one together for you guys. I've been holding this plant over in this container just in its little pot. I'm going to pour this water out and start from scratch. So, let me pour this in the sink real quick.

You'll notice that plants come in different ways. Some are already potted, while others are in containers with gel substance around their roots. You want to take them completely out of the medium and rinse off the roots. Then, you'll want to spread a layer of gravel at the bottom of your container and make a well for the plant.

Now, let's pot this one. Add a little bit of gravel at the bottom, introduce the plant, and add more gravel around it. Make sure not to bury the crown of the plant. Then, add water, making sure it's not too cold, and bank it off the side of the jar to avoid disturbing the plant.

Once you've planted them, you can add decorative items and more water. Maintenance involves cleaning them out every few weeks to prevent algae buildup, and you can use sludge destroyer if needed. They also require consistent grooming and monthly fertilization.

I hope you find these indoor water gardens as exciting as I do. If you have any tips or suggestions, please share them in the comments. Thank you for watching!

January 09, 2024