Mini Easter Garden!

March 18, 2018


Espoma Potting Soil -

SuperMoss Preserved Sheet Moss -

SuperMoss Chartreuse Reindeer Moss -

Color Dipped Basket -

Bunny Door -

Bunny with Egg Basket -

Bottom’s Up Bunny -

Yellow Rose Picks -

A bunch of other cute Easter miniatures - &

Flower Stepping Stones - I wasn’t able to find the link for these! I’ve had them for quite awhile. Sorry!

Other supplies - plastic garbage bag, mulch to topdress soil, branch out of my garden, white spray paint & flat stones to create a barrier so no soil spills out!

Plants - French lavender and Celosia


Video Gear we Use -

Favorite Garden Tools -

Favorite Containers -

Favorite Soils -


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My name is Laura and I, along with my husband, make gardening videos. I live in Eastern Oregon and garden in a zone 5. My parents own an independent garden center that I've worked at for over 10 years.


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