Removing Snow from Evergreens & Planting Hyacinth Bulbs in Pots!

December 08, 2022

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It is good to knock the snow off of evergreens in the winter for a few reasons. First, the weight of the snow can cause the branches of the evergreen to bend and break, which can damage the tree and make it more susceptible to pests and diseases. Knocking the snow off of the branches helps to prevent this damage and keep the evergreen healthy.

Second, the snow can also block the sunlight from reaching the evergreen's leaves, which can prevent the tree from photosynthesizing and obtaining the energy it needs to grow and thrive. By knocking the snow off of the branches, you can help to ensure that the evergreen gets the sunlight it needs to stay healthy.

Finally, knocking the snow off of evergreens in the winter can also help to keep the tree looking neat and tidy, and can prevent the snow from covering up the tree's natural beauty. This can make your winter garden look more attractive and inviting, and can help to make your evergreens a focal point in your landscape.