Succulent Treehouse Fairy Garden

Video Transcript

Hey guys, how's it going? I hope you enjoyed seeing this fairy garden come together. It was so much fun to put it together because it's been months since we've done a garden like this. I kind of just wasn't in the mood, and you kind of have to be in the mood to do these kinds of things. I think it's because we get so busy and distracted by projects out here in our big garden that it really isn't until fall and winter that I start thinking about smaller projects and cozy things that I can do inside.

It's Saturday today, and it was all rainy for most of the day. It's a little bit chilly out here, but I have my coffee. Benjamin is napping right now, so Aaron and I thought, you know what, let's run outside and just put together a quick fairy garden. I had some stuff kind of gathered up because we had maybe planned on doing a fairy garden this next week. So, we just kind of ran out, I gathered all my stuff together, we brought it out here, and got it done. I'm really excited about it, and I think it turned out fun.

So, I thought I would just show you our setup here and talk you through a bit of the process. As you can see, we're right here underneath our balcony, or I don't really know what to call this patio, but we usually like to set up here because the lighting is perfect in the afternoon. It's shaded, and I have my work table right next to me with all my cactus soil and supplies.

I used five bags of cactus soil, and I have rocks in ziplock bags. The rocks in these Gardens have been used in other gardens and washed for later use. I used a bit of washed sand and shiny black stones. There's also some mulch from our own garden. I brought out plants on cookie sheets, and a useful tool for today's project is a lens brush. It's super soft and great for brushing soil off succulents and tucking soil around plants.

The thing about these gardens is that they're not long-term for me. I enjoy putting them together, but I'll take them apart and reuse almost everything. Succulents are the best plants for these gardens, and they can handle being packed closely together. It doesn't hurt them. I use stuff over and over again, like the rocks, and I repot the plants when needed. Watering is easy with a syringe to direct water to the root balls. This container doesn't drain, so I water every couple of weeks.

In terms of light, these plants prefer high light, so they need to be in a bright window. I keep these gardens around the house for a while, sometimes display them at my parents' garden center, or give them away or tear them apart for reuse.

I got most of the supplies at a local farm supply store in the clearance section. The galvanized container is from there as well. That's it for today's video. I hope you enjoyed it, and thank you for watching!

January 09, 2024