Vertical Succulent Portrait in a DIY Frame!

February 07, 2019


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Succulents -

1x3 board

2x4 sheet of wood


Wood glue -

Cons storetruction Screws -

Sandpaper -

Picture hanging hardware -

Stainable wood filler -

Stain -

Spar Urethane -

Chicken wire -

Paddle wire -

Sphagnum moss -

Greening Pins -

Drill -

Wire Cutters -

Staple Gun -

Miter Saw -

Circular Saw -


Cut 1x4s to desired length.

Screw together to create frame.

Attach Chicken wire with staple gun to interior of box.

Begin lining inside with plastic, and fill with damp sphagnum moss, tucking in plastic as you go.

Measure back of frame and cut that size piece from the 2x4 sheet of wood.

Screw to the back of frame so it is enclosed from the back.

Attach picture hanging hardware to back.

Flip over and cut any remaining plastic and fill with any additional sphagnum moss.

Hide screws with wood filler. Allow to dry.

While filler is drying, cut decorative molding pieces with mitered corners to fit over the front of frame. Use wood glue to attach. Let Dry.

When dry, lightly sand wood filler until smooth.

Cover work surface.

Stain or paint. Let dry.

Spray the exterior with spar urethane. Let dry.

Trace shape of whatever you are sinking into frame on top of chicken wire. Use wire cutters to cut out shape.

Remove any sphagnum moss needed to accommodate shape of item you are using. Place and secure to chicken wire with paddle wire.

Plant succulents straight into sphagnum moss, using greening pins if necessary.

Lay flat for several weeks to allow succulents to root in.

Hang and enjoy!


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