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Power Planter

Power Planter 16" Heavy Duty Extender

Power Planter 16" Heavy Duty Extender

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Dig deeper with this handy 16" Heavy Duty Extender. Whether you use your auger for mixing liquids or powering through hard and heavy clay soils — this extender will help you customize your auger to match the task at hand. This extender is compatible with all Power Planter's 4 inches or larger heavy duty augers, including: the Extra Large Earth Auger (9" x 28"), Two Gallon Earth Auger (8" x 28"), Gallon Pot & Post Hole Auger (7" x 28"), Quart Pot Plant Auger (5" x 28"), and Large Bulb Auger (4" x 28"). Made from durable 100% American-made steel.

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This product ONLY works with our 4 inch or larger Heavy Duty Augers. The Heavy Duty Extender is compatible with the following Power Planter augers:

Note: An adapter is required in order for the extender to work with drills that have hex-head connections.

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